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.p. pavilion where march madness will begin running in santa rosa and napa and fairfield and livermore and los gatos in the mid-to-upper 50's. for this forecast cycle, mostly sunny, dry breezes today, rain is gone for a while, mild highs through the holiday weekend, and it look like our chance of rain comes in the forecast next week. from mount tamalpais, zoomed in on san francisco, it looks very inviting with temperature in santa rosa eight degrees warmer and concord is six. san francisco, today, is 61, a degree warmer than yesterday. and hayward and san jose and oakland, a degree or two from yesterday. cold front came through yesterday, and high pressure is taking over right now and with the high pressure, the sinking air is giving dry breezes and we have more sunshine that yesterday. the temperatures are 66 in san jose today, most of the santa clara valley in the mid-to-upper 60's and up the peninsula, we drop counsel to 59 at millbrae and you will be cooler because of a breeze coming in all the way through san bruno and upper 50's and near 60 in downtown, south san francisco, and low-to-mi
rosa where they are still dealing with fog. temperatures there are climbing through the 40's and 57 by delta, and breezy there and 55 in lib more. cloudy for you. we are looking at sunshine in napa and concord and san francisco right now is hazy, and the temperatures here held down by the sea breeze and it will pick up this afternoon. mid-50's in san jose, and upper 40's at half moon bay with plenty of low clouds in santa cruz in the mid-50's. so we had been used to the 70's and bright blue sky but throughout the afternoon we will see the clouds thin out, it will be dry throughout moment of the week with the exception being one day this week. we will get do that in a moment. and a chance of rain moves in late saturday into sunday. with the clouds and a breeze, we are cooler, and santa rosa is ten degrees cooler than yesterday at this time, and five degrees cooler at the airport and two to four degrees deal -- cooler at at the bay. you will notice the higher clouds around, you can see them here. it is a dirty ridge of high pressure that will allow for, still, dry conditions. but cool
in santa rosa and hayward at 56 and livermore is at 55. fairfield and los gatos are the warm spots at 60 and 62. today we will have a lot of high clouds but, city, mild temperatures with clouds keeping the temperature up but not so cool as this morning. the clouds will be thick enough tomorrow to bring the first rain. the storm system will come in two waves. it sounds impressive but it does not have the moisture. we will have the rest of the afternoon, mid-to-upper 60's in the south bay where san jose at 68 and mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula, with millbrae the cool spot at 63. off the coast, you will be nearly 60. downtown, south san francisco and sausalito low-to-mid 60's. through the north bay, upper 60's to low 70's. back at the beaches, ten degrees cooler. on the east bay shore we have temperatures around 63 at hayward and castro valley to 66 in oakland and hercules and warmer in the east bay valley and san ramon valley in the upper 60's and highway four, temperatures are in the upper 60's to near 70. tonight, the clouds are going to be spreading all over the entire state, rather
degrees already. san jose is looking nice out here as we look at 87 near the h.p. pavilion and santa rosa and napa in the upper 50's and same thing in hayward, and fairfield at 53 and los gatos at 67 degrees. today, we are going to see the sky become more gray, with sprinkles developing and changing over to scattered light rain. we will have the unsettled weather through tomorrow, and real spring warmth headed into the first weekend in the spring. >> here is what is happening, high pressure is pushing down to the south but it is directing most of this energy to the north and a very mature system that has lost its energy with a lot of moisture coming from hawaii but not a lot of lift in the atmosphere to create it. we have a moist and mild flow. we were mild this morning and comfortable this afternoon and the reason we will be warmer tomorrow morning is because of that. with the thicker clouds, watch as the sprinkles develop across the north bay this afternoon, and you can see a better pocket of light rain at 5:00 and, also, along the peninsula coast, and as we head through the evening sho
is in the north bay and half an inch in santa rosa and san jose a little bit and .1" in oakland and concord, and in the east bay hills the rain is moving through berkeley hills and rain is falling in mountain view at quarter of an inch and hayward and napa and san bruno at .04". it is moving from north to south across the bay area. clearing and cooler tonight with the air near eureka and a chance of rain possible next week. here is a look at a warm core moving through last night and now the cold front is coming through, the last push of the 1-2 system bringing us the final round of rain today. there is a boundary moving through the north bay and we will focus the study rain as it moves through, now until 3:00 or 4:00 in the south bay and the cold front comes through in the evening hour and moisture that is left will squeeze out in isolated shower. behind it you can see headed to thursday morning clear with patchy fog developing and the breezes kick in. notice how quickly it chases the clouds away from us and sunshine breaks out for thursday afternoon. hoping for up to .25" to .5" more rain
inviting but the air temperature is warmer than the water with 58 in santa rosa and we have that in hayward and we have 60 in fairfield, and 61 in los gatos and livermore and napa, a warmer spot at 62 degrees. here are the three things to know about the forecast: it will be bright and breezy and mild if not warm this weekend and a chance of rain comes back to the forecast on wednesday and thursday so another great weekend to work outside in the yard and maybe wash the car and have the kids do it for you. you can see alcatraz, the golden gate bridge, you can get beautiful shots of the bay area. compared to yesterday, four to eight degrees warmer than it was. why is that happening? we have high pressure over the ocean that gave birth to a smaller one that moved over land and that is bringing us the dry and warmer offshore wind. for temperatures today we will be 69 in milpitas and low 70's for the rest ofs south bay and mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula. the coast brisk, and we will have mid-60's downtown and south san francisco and toward sausalito, and upper 60's to low 70's through the nor
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6